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Be Gone

not online released yet (festivals only)


Length: 03:56

Year: 2022


Music animation for the song "Be Gone” by electronicore band KNIVESRAIN. By exploring the possibilities of combining AI-generated content with hand-drawn 2D animation, it tells a story of a mobile phone that experiences the plight of modern people in a serendipitous epiphany, learning what it means to be human between life and death.

Director & Animation: Sijia LUO


Was made under the Animation × Music project "Zongmuren":
Project Sponsors: Long Liang, Pisan
Excecutive Producers: Yangbin Xu, Peng Chen
Art Director: Pisan
Project Director: Rita
Music Project Management Team: Tianwei, Lizi
Animation Project Management Team: Yongliang Wen, Heqing Huang, Shiyi Ni, Wei Li
Project Visual Design: Liling Yang

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