I Am a Motif / 私はモチーフ / 我是一个模契符 08:08

2020 | Realizing how different they are from one another, the three motifs - musical, visual and narrative - start to doubt themselves. But once the melody begins, the musical motif could not resist the impulse to dance and the others follow. Perhaps I, too, am a motif.


Director: Sijia LUO

Animation: Sijia LUO
Music Editing and Voice: Sijia LUO

Sounds Design: Chihiro NAGASHIMA,Xuan LU



Time Autobahn 02:55

2018 | A speeding car leaps onto the highway of Time and hurtles forward -- its velocity is limitless.


Director: Sijia LUO

Animation: Sijia LUO
Music: Hanako YONAI

Sounds Design: Mina ISHIDA,Yuino TOKUMARU




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