be gone_still001.jpg

Be Gone 03:56

2022 | Music animation for the song "Be Gone” by electronicore band KNIVESRAIN. By exploring the possibilities of combining AI-generated content with hand-drawn 2D animation, it tells a story of a mobile phone that experiences the plight of modern people in a serendipitous epiphany, learning what it means to be human between life and death.

Director & Animation: Sijia LUO


RotAte Shika_stills00006.jpg

RotAte Shika / 回旋詞歌 03:53

2021 | Details coming soon...


I Am a Motif - Trailer 我是一个模契符/ 私はモチーフ

I Am a Motif / 私はモチーフ / 我是一个模契符 08:08

2020 | Realizing how different they are from one another, the three motifs start to doubt themselves. But once the melody begins, the musical motif could not resist the impulse to dance and the others follow. Perhaps I, too, am a motif.


Director: Sijia LUO

Animation: Sijia LUO
Music Editing and Voice: Sijia LUO

Sounds Design: Chihiro NAGASHIMA,Xuan LU