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Burger Satiation 汉堡饱和

not online released yet (festivals only)


Length: 05:21

Year: 2024


The film uses some Chinese characters that make up the word "hamburger" to illustrate a fabricated psychological phenomenon called "Burger Satiation" - suddenly not recognizing a burger after staring at it for a while. This phenomenon is caused by neural inhibition, where the brain can only focus on one part of the burger, leading to a loss of a sense of wholeness and a feeling that the burger's meaning has become unfamiliar.

Director & Animation: Sijia LUO

Sound: Sijia LUO


This film is part of a 22-minute animated anthology "Burger Order" produced by Burger Collective.

"Burger Order" is an experimental animated anthology that brings together six animators with different styles to realize a shared theme. Starting from the "burger", as an important modern symbol, each of the six authors developed their own thoughts and imaginations in their works.

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The “Burger Collective” has gathered together to develop and expand the other-flavor of the burger.All the burgers are mixed with interesting ingredients, emotions and memories, What kind of culinary skills are hidden behind the counters of our authors? Those rich slices by juicy frames, we would like to invite you to taste it in our film.

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