I Am a Motif / 私はモチーフ / 我是一个模契符, 2020


藤沢アートスペースのSNSにわたしの滞在制作の風景がアップされました:https://instagram.com/p/CUhFJBdlQAI あっという間!

A short video of me making new work for an artist-in-residence in Fujisawa Art Space has been uploaded. Time flies!

"I Am a motif" will be screening in StopTrik - International film festival 's "Feinaki Beijing Animation Week

Best of Feinaki (Beijing, China) - Young Filmmakers from China" program. Date: Thursday, 30. 9. 2021.

"I Am a Motif", has been selected to be

part of the 4th screening show of Photometria in Motion, by Photometria

International Photography Festival (Ioannina, Greece), in the category of Animation.

Date & place: 20.9 – 3.10.2021, Theater of the Municipal Cultural multiplex “Dim. Hatzis” (Palea Sfagia of Ioannina).