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"RotAte Shika"(2021) has been selected for the "Dreams" program in Future Vision Festival- 異色のアニメ映画祭 (Japan & The Netherlands) , which runs December 1st 2022 to 8th January 2023, hosted in live venues in Tokyo and Amsterdam, online and on SALTO 1 TV.

I am happy that "Be Gone" has been selected for the following festivals and will be screened between December and January 2023 around the world. Hope you all have a great new year : D

CutOut Fest 2022, Official Selection - Music Video, Querétaro, México (Dec. 8-10)

4th TOPU International Animation Week, Nantong, China (Dec. 19-23)

Film Maudit 2.0, LA, USA (Jan. 12-22, 2023, hybrid)

PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film Festival, Music Competition, Paris, France (Jan. 18, 22, 2023)

The Music Video we made Dios - 天国 (Dios - Heaven / Official Music Video) was out! Dios 『天国』のMVをkakiさんと一緒に作りました。観てください!2D+3Dで楽しい暗いおもしろい明るく暗い天国映像になったと思います!佐久間さんとAVYSSにも感謝🫡

Director : Sijia LUO & JACKSON kaki

2D Animation : Sijia LUO


Production manager : CVN

Presented by AVYSS

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