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NEWS of November. "Time Autobahn" will be screening in:

The 7th China Independent Animation Film Forum - Special spotlight program (China);

Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation - International Student Competition (Canada);

And also nominated for 24th Campus Genius Contest (Japan). 




"I Am a Motif" was selected in the International Short Film Competition of the Soundscreen Film Festival(Italy). Films will actually be show


"I Am a Motif" will be screening in ICAF2020 (Inter College Animation Festival). The screening period is September 24th to 27th. This year is their first online screening and there's even a 3D visual


I will join the Remote DJ VJ Session of the online event Staying TOKYO Vol.07, and do some VJ. Check their streaming channel at 21:30-23:00 (JST).

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