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October NEWS

"I Am a Motif" has been selected for the following Chinese film festivals and will be screened in theaters in late October, early November, and mid-November.

TOPU 9th China Independent Animation Film Forum,

Feinaki Beijing Animation Week.


“I Am a Motif(我是一个模契符)”入选了下列的中国国内动画周,并会在线下上映。分别是在10月底11月初,以及11月中旬:





"Be Gone" has been selected and will be screened at the following festivals in March and April: 18th Athens Animfest - Experimental Program, Greece (16 -19 March), Animocje 2023 - Music Videos Competi

京都府主催のARアート作品展「CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTO」に参加しています。 人生初の空間に合わせたARを作りました!ぜひ温かい目で現場に体験しにきてください。プロジェクトのWebsiteはこちら。 I am participating in "CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTO", an exhibition of AR artworks organised by Kyo

Two of my films "Be Gone" and "RotAte Shika" were screened at EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023's EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN , Time: 2/17, 13:30-; 2/18, 14:46-, Place: Science Museum, Tokyo. "Be Gone" also appeared

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