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"Time Autobahn" has been selected for KUKI CCAERM Selected Program, is going to screen during the festival in November in Berlin, or it will be held in 2021. Also, it was selected for the 3rd Contemporary Animation Art Documentation Exhibition, CCAERM on Kuki special program, which will be held in November (China, Nanjing).

"Time Autobahn(时间高速公路)" 入选了德国柏林KUKI短片影展CCAERM单元正式目录。KUKI将会在11月底或延期到2021年来线下放映。同时,也会在11月举办的“第三届南京当代动画艺术文献展”的策划KUKI特别推荐单元上映。




My muilty screen installation "RotAte Shika - 3ch Ver." is part of the exhibition DESPUÉS DEL VIDEO, which runs until 30th April at Fundación Caja Cantabria, Santander, Cantabria, Spain.


武汉合美术馆的<松果体刺身-中日青年艺术家影像交流展>中,我的两个作品会展出,3月29日开幕,展期连续半年,还能看到6位很新生代的日本本土艺术家的作品!欢迎去看。辛苦静文的策展🙏 武漢の合美術館で開催される展示<松果体刺身-中日青年艺术家影像交流展>に、私の2作品が展示されます。3/29-9/29(半年間)の連続上映です。Curator:李静文、钞金鑫 Two of my works will


3月20日@ Circus Tokyo、こちらのイベントでVJします!sinking logic名義でDJのjo &< と組んでやります。来てください I will be VJing in this event on March 20th in Circus Tokyo, performing under the name of sinking logic with DJs jo &<. Come

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