“I Am a Motif” will screening at “Young Perspective2020” of Image Forum(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). Date: 6 December& 12 December

『私はモチーフ』はImage Forum《ヤング・パースペクティヴ2020》で上映されます!日時:12月6日・12日。



My MA graduation work “I Am a Motif”(2020) is now on the GEIDAI ANIMATION's Youtube channel. Also, English subtitles and automatic translation are available to use. Hope to bring more people joy and

My new short film "RotAte Shika" was selected for Filmfest Bremen's SHORT & SWEET: INNOVATION 2 and will be screened in theaters as a World premiere. The film is made in pixilation, with footage shot

My film "I Am a Motif" is now available for watching on NOWNESS China's website (with an interview): I hope everyone on the internet enjoys it. LINK NOWNESS Chinaで、2020年の作品『私はモチーフ』(英題"I Am a Motif", 中