“I Am a Motif” will screening at “Young Perspective2020” of Image Forum(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). Date: 6 December& 12 December

『私はモチーフ』はImage Forum《ヤング・パースペクティヴ2020》で上映されます!日時:12月6日・12日。



I am very honored that my film "I Am a Motif" won the Encouragement Award from Moving Body Festival- "Critical Moves", Bulgaria. Happy new year.

"I Am a Motif" was selected for the "Critical Moves" program of the Moving Body Festival and screened on October 30 and 31 (Varna, Bulgaria). Also, it was selected for the Official Selection of the In

I made a trailer and did the visual design for this year's TOPU International Animation Week (The 10th China Independent Animation Film Forum CIAFF ) which was closes on October 24. I was honored to m