Happy Newyear.

"I Am a Motif" has been selected for the Blacksphere festival and will be screened online for one week starting from January 10th. The festival has been showcasing a variety of films since October 2020.




"I am a Motif" has been nominated for the Art Division of the 26th Campus Genius Contest in Japan, and they are planning to hold an exhibition of the nominated works in March. 『私はモチーフ』は、第26回学生CGコンテストの


"I Am a Motif" has been selected by the Main Competition- Animation Shortlist of HiShorts! Film Festival 2020, which will be held in Xiamen from December 14-20.


“I Am a Motif” won the Jury's Special Nomination for Feinaki Award at Feinaki 2020 Beijing Animation Week2020. Xie xie! 《我是一个模契符》得到了费那奇北京动画周2020的评委特别提名!十分光荣,谢谢!

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