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ラヴェンナ日伊文化交流協会主催・山村浩二先生が企画の監修をしたダンテ没後700周年記念事業に参加し、『神曲』からインスピレーションを受けた1分45秒の短編アニメーション『NELLA FORMA DEL QUINTO (In The Shape of V)』を制作しました。31日にイタリアのラヴェンナ・ナイトメア映画祭で上映されます。

I participated in the “DANTE AND THE ANIMATION CINEMA. CURATED BY HIROMI YAMADA” by ASCIG (Associazione per gli Scambi Culturali fra Italia e Giappone) which is a program to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante's death. Under it, I made a 1min.45sec. short animation film inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, called "NELLA FORMA DEL QUINTO (In The Shape of V)". This short film will be screened at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival(Italy) with short animation films made by seven other artists.



"Be Gone" has been selected and will be screened at the following festivals in March and April: 18th Athens Animfest - Experimental Program, Greece (16 -19 March), Animocje 2023 - Music Videos Competi

京都府主催のARアート作品展「CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTO」に参加しています。 人生初の空間に合わせたARを作りました!ぜひ温かい目で現場に体験しにきてください。プロジェクトのWebsiteはこちら。 I am participating in "CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTO", an exhibition of AR artworks organised by Kyo

Two of my films "Be Gone" and "RotAte Shika" were screened at EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023's EE_V/S/P Program: the PLAN , Time: 2/17, 13:30-; 2/18, 14:46-, Place: Science Museum, Tokyo. "Be Gone" also appeared

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