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I've designed a set of tattoo flash for the Feinaki Beijing Animation Week 2023.

It includes a set of "Animation Nerd special" I made, and some of the drawings that appear in my work & illustrations.

please click here.


November 2021
I made the main visual design, official trailer and goods design for TOPU International Animation Week 2021. The theme is "Inbetween". For details, please click here.


"Sinking Logic" is a channel of original short animations, releasing animated episodes and share a view of the world filtered through one's mind. It may not change anything, but it's OK. Also including shorts I made from 2012, with original sound design and music.

2018 Episode 0.5 | GORIN GORIN 五輪五輪

An account that only shoots the sky and clouds, currently collects the skies of Japan, the United States, France, China

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