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"RotAte Shika"(2021) has been selected for the "Dreams" program in Future Vision Festival- 異色のアニメ映画祭 (Japan & The Netherlands) , which runs December 1st 2022 to 8th January 2023, hosted in live venues in Tokyo and Amsterdam, online and on SALTO 1 TV.



"Be Gone" playing as part of “Artificial Intelligence” section in Film Maudit 2.0 , screening at Highways Performance Space tomorrow Jan 19, people in LA don't miss it!

"RotAte Shika" will be screened at Chinese Film+ 河岸影像周2023- Short Film Program I, in Hamburg Germany. Short Film Program I Date: 14 Jan., Place: B-movie Hamburg.

"Be Gone"received the Best Music Video Award at CutOut Fest International Animation Festival. Thank you so much! 拿到了CutOut Fest的最佳MV奖,各种谢谢! CutOut FestのベストMV賞をいただきました!

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