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My muilty screen installation "RotAte Shika - 3ch Ver." is part of the exhibition DESPUÉS DEL VIDEO, which runs until 30th April at Fundación Caja Cantabria, Santander, Cantabria, Spain.



Two of my works will be exhibited in the <Pineal Gland Sashimi - Video Artworks Exchange Exhibition by Young Generation Artists from China and Japan> at the Wuhan United Art Museum, which opens on March 29th and runs for six consecutive months.

3月20日@ Circus Tokyo、こちらのイベントでVJします!sinking logic名義でDJのjo &< と組んでやります。来てください

I will be VJing in this event on March 20th in Circus Tokyo, performing under the name of sinking logic with DJs jo &<. Come see our super global meme-political-phonk-shiny visual/audiovisual-performances~!

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