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I am here in Beijing for the 5th Feinaki Beijing Animation Week, and my muilty screen installation "RotAte Shika - 3ch Ver." is part of the Pathfinding Voyage - Exhibition Programme.

And I've also designed a set of tattoo stickers with images from my past works, as well as some special designs for animation nerds!

来费那奇北京动画周了!在觅径之旅展览中,可以看到我的多屏影像作品《回旋词歌 - 3ch Ver.》。并且,我也设计了一套纹身贴,里面包含我过去作品的图案,以及专门为动画阿宅们的特供设计!

This year I will participate in the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival for: 1. At the "Exhibition in the Airport- NEW CHITOSE ARport Walk", my work "RotAte AR in NewChitose" will be part of it, which is an airport ver. of the AR work exhibited in Kyoto in March this year; 2. in the Talk Session "Play and Practice for Augmented Animation" as one of the guests. I might also talk about some existing experiences in Animest...! Really looking forward to meeting people at the airport. Thanks to TOCHKA for the cooperation and the invitation.

今年は新千歳空港国際アニメーション映画祭に参加します。 1. 「空港内展示」にで今年3月京都CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTOのAR作品の移植版を展示します; 2. 座談会「アニメーションを拡張する遊びと実践」で、ゲストの1人としておしゃべりします。 とても楽しみです。司会のTOCHKAのお二人お誘いにありがとうございます。

I was invited to be one of the jury for the Music Video Competition at the 18th Animest Animation Film Festival, which took place from the 6th to the 15th of October. Very excited to attend this year.

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