I Am a Motif / 私はモチーフ / 我是一个模契符, 2020

Time Autobahn, 2018


I just upload the Trailer of "I Am a Motif" on Vimeo, and it can be watched here.

For the graduation exhibition blog, I wrote some making-of notes about graduation film "I Am a Motif". A making-of video is also included. It's written in Japanese.

My MA graduation film "I Am a Motif" will screen in the 11th graduation exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School Films and New Media, Department of Animation. Date: 2020.2.9-2.11 (@Yokohama), 2020.3.20-3.22 (@Tokyo). Check the exhibition's website.


"So Red And A Little Blue" will be screening in iSTART Childrent's Art Festival at LuxeLakes A4 Art Museum (China) “童年的金种子”program from 8/17 to 11/3.

One of the GIF I made was turned into the actual Phenakistoscope and shown in a group exhibition at MoCA Shanghai. The exhibition will last until May 22. 

"So Red And A Little Blue" will be screening in Tricky Women 2019 (Austria) “Beyond Animation”program at March.

"Time Autobahn" has been selected in the "Future Talent" section of ANIMAC 2019 International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia. The festival will be held from February 21 to 24.

"Time Autobahn" will screen in "An Evening of Animation: Student Works from Japan and the US", Los Angeles, 14 January.

NEWS of November.  "Time Autobahn" will be screening in:

The 7th China Independent Animation Film Forum - Special spotlight program (China); 

Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation - International Student Competition (Canada);

And also nominated for 24th Campus Genius Contest (Japan). 

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